Friday, September 09, 2011

Selected logos in Logo Lounge 7

11 of my logos got selected to be featured in the 7th volume of Rockport Publishing's famed Logo Lounge book.
This will be my "my" seventh Rockport book. Thanks guys.

- Sencondary mark for the Hong Kong Mercenaries hockey team.
- Apparel design for Ironhead Canada
- Entry for Clink Room/New Era design contest
- Logo for Pócsik Dénes Memorial Cup (water polo)
- Primary mark for the SWA Mighty Macan, Indonesia
- Apparel design for Ironhead Canada
- Logo for Pötti Mugs
- Logo for Cornerstone (construction company)
- Logo for Cloud Deck (audio software)
- T-shirt design for Teefury
- T-shirt design for Teefury

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