Thursday, June 16, 2011


This was my interview on TeeFury.
Ez volt az intejúm a TeeFury oldalon.

Tell us a bit about this design.
I've always loved sports design and I've always liked the Star wars universe.

Somehow I had to link those two together... Unfortunately a few weeks after I made this design, I saw the Tatooine Suns tee here on Teefury, so my concept didn't seem that original from that moment on. Anyways, if on planet Hoth they play team sports, the Wampas would be one of their cliché team names. Just like Tigers and Lions here on Earth.

Where are you from?
I'm from Budapest, Hungary.

What do you want TeeFury fans to know about you?
I'm a graphic designer and illustrator working on a wide variety of projects, from corporate identity, through sports design to editorial illustration. My portfolio is, and my blog

What do you absolutely not want them to find out?
I could be pretty sentimental.

Name a few of your favorite things.
I have so many favorite things in life. I love my work of course, horror movies, good books, 60s jazz, good trumpet players, 70's soul singers, old school NFL, coaching football and traveling. I love Mexico, the Caribbean and New York. I lived in all three for years.

What kind of art did you make as a kid?
Pure horror. Lots of vampires and bloody scenes. I wasn't allowed to watch horror movies of course, but my grandfather told me lots of stories that helped me imagine and create weird stuff.

What is your favorite thing about Star Wars?
The music, the atmosphere and the creatures. When I hear those famous John Williams tunes, I'm six again.

Centaur vs. minotaur: which would win the battle?
Minotaur, no question.

Describe your favorite shirt that you own, and why you like it so much.
Hard question. My favorites are the ones I designed for my football team, the Rebels. Every year I try to design a new one, so now I have quite a collection of Rebels tees.

Which is better, gaming, reading, or watching movies? Name your favorite title in your chosen medium.
I have an XBOX 360 but I'm not a huge gamer. I watch lots of movies while I'm working. I wish I'd have the quiet time to read more, I usually read while I'm on the bus or travelling somewhere. Books are the ultimate source of imagination and inspiration. It's kinda hard to choose one title as a favorite book but I really like Pedro Juan Gutierrez and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

What inspires your work?
Usual stuff. Books, movies, people around me, the news, and other people's work.

Any shout outs?
To my dear brothers in Mexico. I miss all of you.

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