Friday, July 02, 2010

SWA Mighty Macan

Since I work as a freelance designer I very often have the opportunity to work on pretty fun projects. Somehow I'm lucky that people from a wide variety of places find me with these kinds of work. This time I had to design a complete identity package for the athletic department of Sinarmas World Academy in Indonesia. First it seemed that the school mascot would be a Tiger, but then it changed to a "macan" which is a sacred black panther in Indonesia. I really enjoyed the project.

Mióta csak szabadúszóként dolgozom, nagyon gyakran van lehetőségem igen szórakoztató munkákon agyalni. Ezúttal az indonéziai Sinarmas World Academy nemzetközi iskola sport arculatának elemeit kellett kidolgoznom. Először Tigrisek lett volna a nevük, de aztán a "Macan" lettek. Indonéziában így hívják a fekete párducokat. nagyon jó kis munka volt.

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Dominic said...

Beautiful, as usual...

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